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Are You Under Pressure to Grow Your Startup?

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Most startups don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with demands of growing their online presence in a way their project deserves.

To get funding, have a successful launch and to keep the lights on, you NEED growth marketing.  Our growth marketing agency has helped 20+ startups go from ideation to success (like raising millions in funding and lucrative exits).

How Will Your Startup Grow?

Strategic Growth Hacking

Are you pre-launch but want to build buzz?  Or are you in-between PR pushes but need to show wins? We implement systematized growth hacking strategies that help you get growing – faster.

Close Marketing Gaps

What part of your marketing is working?  Where are you falling short?  Slow site, bad UX, or unoptimized content could be killing your efforts. Let’s look at the data and make sure you’re not leaving anything to chance. 

Creating Systems & Outsourcing

Is your team unable to keep up with the hectic pace?  We help create processes and scale your team to delegate time sucking tasks.  That way you can focus on your core business.

Data for Investors

How much of your time is spent trying to demonstrate value or success for investors?  Unfortunately “trust us” doesn’t work.  Impress them with slick dashboards, tracking and growth opportunity projections.

Toast-Worthy Results

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We partnered with a new technology taproom, Navigator Taproom, to build their digital presence and stand out from the crowd. 

Within a few months of opening they ranked #1 for target keywords nationally and were driving more new business compared with their competitors.

The Benefits of Working with a Growth Marketing Agency

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  • Get ideas that are worth funding.  NDAs are necessary but that means we can’t tell you about the fintech startup we work with and the ideas pitched to VCs that secured tens of millions in funding and will be in stores all over the US.

  • Create killer content that makes your organic traffic explode.  Our clients have seen a 350% increase in organic search volume in a month.  They’re now rivaling established competitors who have been in the space for decades.

  • Give your team a break!  Stop worrying about the non-urgent but important stuff – like site speed, building email funnels, sourcing designers, or ensuring your emails get delivered.  Who can possibly keep up with that stuff?  (hint – we love this stuff!)

Not all Growth Marketing Agencies are Created Equal

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Not all agencies are cut out to work with startups. It’s a world of meritocracy where the needs are diverse and timelines are tight.

To ensure we succeed, Diving Bell Creative becomes a part of your marketing team which means we’re selective and only work with a few clients at a time. Work with a growth marketing agency that’s helped 25+ startups grow.

Growth Marketing Agency Tools for Marketing Small Businesses

3 Essential Marketing Tools Every Business Needs

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There are some well-kept secrets in the marketing world that you should know about.  These FREE tools will help you:

  • Improve your search rankings
  • Drive more visitors to your site
  • Optimize your marketing
  • Close more business

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