Are you dissatisfied with the level of website traffic your site gets? Do people just come onto the page, click around for a few seconds, then leave? This is a tough situation to be in as a business owner, but you don’t want to keep pouring money into a site that’s broken. You need a new approach to online marketing using proven ways to aggressively build your digital presence. How about a web designer?

When you’re convinced something is wrong with your website design, it’s time to hire a new web designer. A good site includes tools that automate most or all user tasks and collect the marketing data your company needs. All of these functionalities should require little or no back-end support. Every process must occur securely to inspire consumer trust and enhance your business reputation.

Types of Web Design Providers

To increase revenue by expanding your digital presence, there is a tendency to scrap your existing website. It’s hard to decide whether to trust a freelance web designer or a growth marketing agency with a whole team of creatives. Both types of web design providers offer distinct advantages, but you want to partner with a company that suits your firm’s present stage of growth. Without the right partner, you will only complete part of the digital transformation, and your company might miss important opportunities to grow.

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The Scoop on Revamping Your Website

We often see business owners and executive teams place themselves in the hot seat, picking their brains for reasons why their website fails to meet their needs. They come up with many explanations, such as not enough leads or not enough conversions of leads, but they also don’t like the overall look and feel of their site. If the site doesn’t please you, it probably won’t impress visitors.

Business owners also want to hire a new designer, but they don’t want to pick the wrong agency and turn their current problem into something far worse. That’s when you need to find a web designer that increases your market share without overextending the marketing budget.

Look for these qualities in a web designer to enhance your market strategy:

  • Audits the Current Site and Competitors’ Sites

It’s important to hold off on the design process until you have a web designer or a team fully audit what your current site does and does not do, how it develops a vertical funnel of new leads, and whether it converts leads into customers at an acceptable rate. Without understanding how your site compares to competitors’ sites, you aren’t ready for the design-build phase.

  • Provides Effective Communication

Make sure the design teams you’ve identified are capable of performing the right market research in your industry. They may have the capacity to quickly start your project, but ensure they will listen to your ideas and communicate with you at every stage of the process. Otherwise, you should choose another team to perform the website audit and needs analysis. This includes identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of any site prototype.

  • Understands the Buyer’s Journey

The project lead should be able to map out each buyer’s journey for your company. That’s why you need a designer with experience in your industry. First, they should understand buyer personas and how prospects find your company. Next, they need to study whether they use digital or mobile devices to look up your company. Finally, they should research how they behave on the site and what content or process effectively converts them into buyers. The analysis may show that the current site design is ineffective.

  • Creates a User Experience

A great designer has a cost-effective way to improve the user experience. Your provider must understand what kind of information visitors will be searching for and how they can access content to facilitate rapid decision-making. There are many methods, such as reviewing mouse-tracking data and user session videos, to understand which interactive tools and messages will convert well.

  • Tests Landing Page Design

Your site needs great advertising strategies integrated into the design so that new leads will start streaming in. With superior design, you can easily pull up your analytics dashboard and perform A/B testing and other experiments to better optimize conversation rates.

  • Meets Audiences at Multiple Touchpoints

A designer helps you decide whether users should have the ability to customize how content is presented to them while they are on the site. Plan for the right content to be available at multiple touchpoints, which will dramatically improve customer education.

  • Offers Reliable Hosting

Your core website should connect to a reliable hosting provider for a scalable price. Don’t pay for more hosting capacity than you need. For example, a site with 10,000 visitors per month requires a different hosting package than a site with 100,000 visitors per month.

  • Incorporates the CMS for WordPress for Better Usability and Customization

A well-designed website uses a content management system (CMS) like WordPress for easy updates, better usability, and instant customization. Within the WordPress platform, multiple users in your organization can add content and repackage it for distribution across various channels without much technical knowledge.

  • Maintains an Impressive Website Portfolio

Some talented creatives offering custom website design have just launched themselves in the market, and have little or no industry experience that relates to your company. They often have fresh ideas and technical knowledge, but they lack the background you need to reposition your brand and enhance your digital presence. You may also find a great firm that’s so booked up you will have to wait months to begin your site redesign, which won’t help you reach your goals. Contact design agencies of various sizes until you find the most responsive team. You’ll save you tons of headaches during the development process and can use this agency again for all your design needs.

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