Brown Line Vineyard


As the head of the advertising team for the non-profit, I organized a group for volunteers to create a 3-part marketing campaign.  Our team produced video interviews to help drive awareness.  We followed up the video campaign with social media and direct mail pieces that I designed for a community event.  Lastly I created a [...]

The Skee League


The Skee League is one of America's largest skeeball leagues.  They run over a dozen leagues every year in various locations throughout the city of Chicago.  After some unexpected website trouble, I was hired to rebuild their company website.  I added best-in-class security, speed and SEO to boost visibility.  I also helped them develop their [...]

Experience to Lead


Experience to Lead is an experiential leadership and team building programs throughout the US and Europe.  I worked with them to implement an inbound marketing strategy beginning with a complete website overhaul.  As part of that strategy I used SEO insights to build their content marketing schedule to help them create content that is searchable. [...]